Chancellor Woodson Talks about Athletics with GoPack

April 22, 2010
By Cherry Crayton
Chancellor Randy Woodson (Photo courtesy of NC State Athletics)

Chancellor Randy Woodson (Photo courtesy of NC State Athletics)

Tim Peeler, managing editor of and a frequent contributor to NC State magazine, spoke with Chancellor Randy Woodson recently about athletics and its importance to the university. Woodson also talks about his favorite sports and even his memories of Wolfpack basketball great David Thompson and our 1983 NCAA title run. Read the full interview here. One excerpt is below: Can you talk about your basic philosophy about college athletics and its importance to the university?

Chancellor Woodson: As I have said publicly and frequently, I am a huge fan of college athletics. On a personal level, I enjoy the environment and enthusiasm that the alums and others have for the university, in many cases because of athletics. It is a big part of the brand for the university. It is something that has the potential to help attract great students and keep alumni coming back to NC State. That  is a good thing. But it can be a challenge when it is not done well or ethically. Every indication is that NC State has been working hard to be compliant with the NCAA rules. What I see is a university whose alumni are passionate about athletics. I have already heard from a lot of them.

Thursday afternoon update: Also check out this interview that Wolf-TV, the student run TV station at NC State, conducted with Chancellor Woodson:


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