Student Media Board Picks Technician Editor-in-Chief

April 15, 2010
By Cherry Crayton

ncsu_technicianHere’s an update on what became a big campus topic in March, when it was widely reported that Technician, NC State’s student newspaper, was facing tough times. It had lost its editor and managing editor during the school year and no students had applied to be the editor for 2010-11. “The paper needs your help, regardless of age or experience,” Technician editors wrote in a March 14 editorial. “Without student support, the paper could cease publication at the end of the semester.” Former Technician editor and NC State magazine intern Saja Hindi headed a committee to evaluate the situation and make recommendations about the direction of the newspaper and the role of the editor-in-chief.  (Read to see the recommendations.) Five students ended up applying for the position; and on Tuesday night, the Student Media advisory board announced its pick: Amanda Wilkins. She’s a Technician photographer and is listed as a sophomore in horticulture science.

“I’ve only been on staff for a year as a photographer… but I stepped up to take a lot of assignments,” [Wilkins told Technician]. “[The members of the board] told me I had really good management skills and traits for a good editor. I have the skill set to get Technician back on its feet.”

Technician announces the new editor in today’s edition.  


2 Responses to “Student Media Board Picks Technician Editor-in-Chief”

  1. Wm Gilbert Smith says:

    Glad the Technician will be saved. A university like State NEEDS a student newspaper. I realize in this day and age, print news is in trouble all over but a student newspaper is vital to the life of a university. DON’T LET IT DIE!!!!!

    W.G. Smith ’49

  2. s. grant says:

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    We have older men with the correct insurance for driving trucks, who would accompany/supervise these moving events. We do this once to twice a week.
    This is a year round need, as most of the women are not physically capable of lifting heavy items.

    Any connection you could help us with, would really be appreciated.

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