Insect Museum Picks a Hexapod Haiku Winner

April 13, 2010
By Chris Richter


One of my favorite NC State blogs is the one run by the university’s insect museum. It has lots of great contributors, posts an insect of the week and publishes entries in the museum’s Hexapod Haiku Challenge. The challenge brings in short bug-related poems from writers all over the world.

This year’s winner — Martha Love of Gastonia. Her haiku was a graceful take on on the way Lepisma saccharina (silverfish), pictured above, make a habit of snacking on books:

Silverfish, tell me,

Darwin and Dostoevsky,

do they taste the same?

Check out this year’s entries here.

(Photograph by Flickr user Eran Finkle. Click here to read the license terms.)


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