Woodson Begins Work Today as NC State Chancellor

April 5, 2010
By Cherry Crayton
Chancellor Randy Woodson and his wife, Susan. (Photo by Vincent Walter)

Chancellor Randy Woodson and his wife, Susan. (Photo by Vincent Walter)

Tuesday morning update: Joe Hice, NC State’s chief communications officer, provides an account of how Chancellor Woodson spent his first official day at NC State here.

Dr. Randy Woodson begins his first official day as chancellor of NC State today. The university’s main homepage reprints the Q&A with Woodson that NC State magazine published in its spring issue. One excerpt:

NC State: You’ve mentioned in other interviews that part of your excitement about becoming the next chancellor here is about being able to take a leadership role and helping to take the university to the next level. What do you see as the next level?

Woodson: For me, the best way to describe that is that the institutional reputation grows. That because of the growth in NC State’s reputation, we’re able to attract the best and retain the best faculty and attract, retain and graduate outstanding students. NC State, of course, already does that. But I think that it’s a university that is stronger than its current national reputation would suggest. Now, I don’t like to use U.S. News & World Report as the only barometer of success, but it has measures that I think are appropriate for us to pay attention to. I would certainly like to think that the faculty, the students, the staff and the state would like to see NC State as nationally prominent as possible. So seeing growth and improvement in reputation, rankings, the success in recruiting the best faculty and retaining those faculty, and recruiting and retaining and graduating great students—that’s the next level for me.

Read the entire Q&A here.


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