N&O Spotlights an NC State Sports Treasure

January 11, 2010
By Chris Richter

The News & Observer on Sunday posted a nice story and video about Frank Weedon, NC State’s senior associate athletics director emeritus. If you’ve ever met Weedon and talked with him, you know he’s an all-around good guy and a walking encyclopedia of Wolfpack sports. He came to NC State in June 1960 and, as The N&O says, “He hasn’t left yet, although technically he retired in 1996.” He’s seen most of the last 50 years of NC State sports from the front row:

Standing in the upper bowl of Reynolds Coliseum, John Franklin Weedon Jr. can see almost 50 years of N.C. State history as clearly as if it were happening right now.

He can point to where David Thompson tumbled over a teammate and smashed his head on the court during an NCAA Tournament game in 1974. He can reminisce about the old noise meter, operated by a student running a block of wood over a row of light switches. He can describe how, for many winters, he oversaw the conversion of Reynolds into a rink for the Ice Capades. And he can pick out his seat on press row, a vantage point from which he harassed officials for decades.

My favorite quote about Weedon comes from former NC State football coach Lou Holtz:

“It’s sort of like Frank was born at N.C. State. There wasn’t any past,” former N.C. State football coach Lou Holtz says. “He didn’t play golf. He loved N.C. State, and he loved his mother.”

NC State magazine contributing editor Tim Peeler ’87 is working to preserve the memorabilia and other NC State sports treasures Weedon has collected over the years. The Alumni Association will give Weedon an honorary alumnus award at its annual alumni awards gala on Jan. 29.


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