Alumnus Named Corvette Hall of Fame Inductee

December 16, 2009
By Chris Richter

corvettejpgThe National Corvette Museum has named Fred Gallasch ’67 MECON, ’73 PHD one of its 2010 Hall of Fame inductees. Gallasch, who worked for GM for 31 years until retiring in 2004, spent nearly a decade as the “voice of the Corvette customer” and helped the automaker develop the fifth generation of the popular sports car. In our Winter 2004 article on Gallasch, we talked with him about being an advocate for Corvette aficionados:

No congressman ever represented his constituency better. When GM engineers once considered changing the Corvette’s distinctive taillights, for example, Gallasch told them no way.

“That’s been a tradition since 1961,” he says. “When the thing blows by you, you want people to be able to say, ‘That’s a Corvette.’ ”

Gallasch will be inducted Sept. 3. Congratulations!

(Photograph courtesy of flickr user Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton. h/t to @NC StateNews.)


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