NC State’s Influence on Modernist Architecture

December 7, 2009
By Chris Richter


The News & Observer ran a Q&A on Sunday with George Smart, who runs the excellent Web site Triangle Modernist Houses. It provides an incredible catalog of modernist architects and homes, with a focus on this area (and with lots and lots of great photos). Did you know that only Los Angeles, Calif., and Chicago, Ill., have more modernist houses than the Triangle? This, Smart says, is why:

Because of the N.C. [State] School of Design, which Dean Henry Kamphoefner established in late ’40s. It attracted a modernist  faculty. [Those] faculty and students and [alumni] created hundreds of houses here, which were quite popular.

You can read about Kamphoefner’s impressive legacy on NCSU Libraries’ N.C. Architects and Builders site. His Raleigh home, which was designed by fellow NC State faculty member George Matsumoto and renovated by Kamphoefner protégé Robert Burns ’57, is pictured above.

Smart is launching a film series at The Galaxy Cinema in Cary that will focus on modernism and design. It starts Thursday, Dec. 10, runs through March and includes The Fountainhead and a documentary on the life and work of architect John Lautner.

(Photograph courtesy of Special Collections, NCSU Libraries)


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