Dinosaur Researcher on 60 Minutes

November 16, 2009
By Chris Richter

NC State paleontologist Mary Schweitzer was on 60 Minutes on Sunday, in a story about her colleague Jack Horner. It’s a fascinating look at the work they’re doing on dinosaur bones and how it has shaken up their field.

The tricky thing about Schweitzer’s work is that she needs to get her hands on the insides of dinosaur bones, which means literally breaking the bones apart and sometimes dissolving pieces of them in acid. Most paleontologists won’t let her near their precious finds.

“Jack [Horner] is the only paleontologist out there who lets me dissolve his dinosaurs,” she told Stahl.

Wired magazine wrote about Schweitzer and her work earlier this year, and we talked with her in 2005.


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  1. WG says:

    Maybe the bones are not as old as you may believe. If the dinosaurs
    were destroyed during the flood of Noah’s day (check the Bible account),
    then tissue found would have been preserved only thousands of years

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