The Hickory Daily Record on a “Band of Brothers”

October 19, 2009
By Chris Richter

Quite the story yesterday in The Hickory Daily Record. Levi “Frank” Caldwell ’55 was one of seven brothers who served in World War II (two others served in the Korean War and one of those attended NC State, according to the story). He was in a B-24 bomber when it was shot down over Hungary. The story picks up there:

He landed on top of a three-story building and skidded into a tree below. The next thing he remembers is a shiny black boot on his chest. German officers hanged one of his fellow soldiers from a lamppost.

Civilians took hold of the bomber’s navigator and stabbed him in the head with a pitchfork.

Germans marched the crash survivors through the streets for hours. Men and women spat on the Americans and kicked and slapped them.

Frank’s first name, Levi, was stamped on his dog tags. In interrogation, they wanted to know if he was “Yuden.” Jewish. They didn’t believe him when he answered, “No.”


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