NC State Changes Suspension Policy

October 19, 2009
By Chris Richter

A change to NC State policy means students who earn under a 1.0 GPA in their first semester can be suspended for their second semester. It’s probably a good thing: Graduation rates for these students are very low, as we learned talking to John Ambrose from the department of undergraduate academic programs.

Only 7 percent of freshmen who make less than a 1.0 their first semester end up graduating, according to university data. “We are singling out freshmen because their success rate is very, very low once they get in that situation,” says John Ambrose, interim director of the department of undergraduate academic programs.  “We’re trying to send those students a message early on that something needs to change.”

On the whole, NC State’s graduation rates are on the rise, as we reported in an article in our Summer 2008 issue.


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