A Letter from Roundtable Panelists to NC State Alumni

October 19, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

The panelists who participated in NC State magazine’s roundtable discussion about NC State’s culture, which appeared in the autumn issue and has been the focus of media reports, have issued this letter:

To Our Fellow Alumni:

We wish to thank the many of you who responded affirmatively to the published remarks of those of us invited to gather to discuss the future of our alma mater.

We gathered freely and as devoted alumni. As you read, the discussion was totally free of rancor; it was constructive, positive commentary aimed at placing our full support behind future plans for the University. The publication of this discussion was necessary to ensure your knowledge of all that was said.

To gather freely, to speak our minds responsibly, and to publish freely what was said are the hallmarks of a great university. We thank you for your calls and your messages that affirm these fundamental duties and responsibilities and most of all, your affirmation of the freedom to be as the Constitution demands that we be.


William Friday ’41
Suzanne Gordon ’75
Dwuan June ’90
Billy Maddalon ’90
Jim Martin
Art Padilla ’69, ’71 MS


One Response to “A Letter from Roundtable Panelists to NC State Alumni”

  1. Charles Poston says:

    Unfortuneatly by sharing this openess with Alumni, it may have led to one of our own being fired, Dr. Barton let the increase from 8000 alumni members to 22,000 members during some tough times. What does he get for this? Fired by some interim chancellor who will not even be around to fix the mess he probably put us in. Who will raise money? Who will want to work for a board when they know the board has no desicion making power on who leads the Alumni Association?

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