PackPix Blog Documents Campus

October 2, 2009
By Chris Richter


Roger Winstead ’87, who’s a regular contributor to NC State magazine and is NC State Creative Services’ director of photography, has started a photo blog, PackPix. He captured the above image of the Bell Tower (actually six photos “stitched together”) in May, after it was struck by lightning. He explains:

A bolt tagged the top of the tower, sending a huge chuck of granite earthward and facilities had to fix it asap. With the use of two huge cranes, workers repaired the damage and even had a little time to give me a ride to the top (with a little coaxing from Charlie [Leffler]). I rode up with them the day after the storm to shoot the damage and the work being done. That was a seriously windy day that had the bucket swinging big-time. Not a place to be for the timid, fear-of-heights kind of person.


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