Caldwell Fellows Raise Money for Habitat at Shack-a-thon

September 22, 2009
By Chris Richter


Shack-a-thon kicked off on the Brickyard yesterday. Technician has the story, and News 14 has a short video about the fundraiser, which benefits Habitat for Humanity. The Caldwell Fellows Programs, a scholarship and leadership initiative the Alumni Association sponsors, has a shack there, and Caldwell Fellow Jeffrey Huber, a junior majoring in industrial engineering and economics, checked in after the first night:

The Brickyard. This vast expanse normally reserved for passing library patrons cramming for tomorrow’s test is a veritable village. Those of us not pre-occupied with people-watching try to squeeze in some homework. Laptop screens light the faces of most thanks to wireless, but a few just shoot the breeze. I put on some good music, lean back in a white plastic chair and try to do a little of everything while enjoying the cool night air.

Shack-a-thon is always a fun part of the year. It is one of the foremost traditions of NC State. To me it is more than anything else, a time of community, seeing old friends and making new ones. Last year a very competitive game of four-square popped up. Not-so-competitive corn-hole seems like the favorite this year.

Who knew so many good laughs could arise from a circle of really busy, stressed out people? I think volunteering to spend the night in the shack is really a privilege to escape day-to-day life. Plus adventure was sure to be had. Painting our ‘Habi-fact’ in the dark, unexpected midnight rain leading to a somewhat leaky roof, not to be out done by a flimsy door finally deciding to fall on Amy Schlosser this morning. Thankfully, that, too, we were able to laugh off. A night of friends, laughter and fun made sleeping on old closet doors covered by a suspiciously holey roof more than well worth it.

One of the best aspects of Shack-a-thon is raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. Habitat, the vision of Millard Fuller, has been giving back for 33 years by creating simple, decent, and affordable housing. The Caldwell Fellows program has a rich history with Shack-a-thon. Since the event’s inception, we’ve placed in the top three of campus groups for the amount raised. It’s our goal to continue our legacy of giving this year by once again placing in the top three, showing our commitment to a changed world. So stop by the shack. Laugh, talk and give. If you can’t make it out but still want to help out, you can give online. Just be sure to pick the Caldwell Fellows shack!

(Photograph by Kevin Cook, courtesy of Student Media)


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  1. Kristy says:

    Spending time in the Caldwell Shack was one of my favorite things about fall at NCSU. I loved the year we painted the shack Carolina blue and had people pay to paint it back red (it was the week of the Carolina game, I think). People were eager to help us out, especially alumni on campus tours with their high schoolers.

    I’ll be representin’ at a college fair in Connecticut tonight, and it warms my heart to think that 600 miles away, a new generation is holding down the fort for Shack-a-thon.

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