University Theatre Season Opens This Weekend

September 14, 2009
By Chris Richter


University Theatre‘s 2009-10 season kicks off Friday with Amadeus, which will run through Sept. 27. The big news, though, is it will be the first season in the renovated Frank Thompson Hall. The News & Observer had an article and photos Sunday on the building and the programs it houses:

It’s been a rough two years for the University Theatre and the Crafts Center at N.C. State University while the venerable Frank Thompson Hall that houses them has been going through a $16.8 million makeover.

Theater-goers have had to look for the alternate venues where the university’s plays have been staged, and those audiences as well as student and community crafters have had to trek to a satellite location near the State Fairgrounds for the few classes that could be offered.

I haven’t been there yet, but the photos I’ve seen look incredible, and it looks to be a first-class building for performances and instruction. More photos are after the jump.





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  1. Wm Gilbert Smith says:

    Boy.what a change from the 40’s when I took P.E. there and went to many IFC dances and Pika Balls. The N&O article wasn’t exactly correct- State did play in the Reylolds that year -Dec and I was there-but they played int Memorial Auditorum between there and leaving Frank Thompson Gym/ This is a great building and I’m really glad they have have preserved it so well.It is a great asset to the Universiity.

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