Stories about Alumni, Faculty Service in the Military

September 9, 2009
By Chris Richter

NC State is sponsoring Military Appreciation Day at Saturday’s football game against Murray State at Carter-Finley Stadium. GoPack has information about the day’s events and about the Back Home Box Foundation, which provides care packages for soldiers stationed overseas. We’re sponsoring an Army ROTC Alumni Tailgate.

We thought it would be a good time to highlight a couple of military-related stories that have come across our desks recently. The first, from GoPack, tells of two cousins, First Lt. Christopher Young ’05 and Capt. Drew Wimsatt ’03, who both played football for the Wolfpack. Young, a Marine, was awarded the Bronze Star recently. Wimsatt, who flies Cobra attack helicopters, provided the flag that the Pack carried into Carter-Finley for the season’s first game.

Wimsatt believes his job is a lot like football. It’s all about preparation and training.

“You have to rely on the tactics we’re trained to use,” he said. “It’s a lot like football. You practice, you go through your two-a-days, you do all the preparation to get to that point. Then, when you are in a game, there is nothing to it. You do what you have been practicing to do.”

The other, from last week’s faculty/staff newsletter highlights the work of John Muth, an electrical and computer engineering professor and Navy reservist who was awarded a Bronze Star this spring and is back on campus.

For 12 months, the electrical and computer engineering professor negotiated Iraq’s violence and sticky politics as he led a team of 30 civilians, military personnel and translators providing advice and support to the nation’s Ministry of the Interior. The ministry will eventually take charge of all internal security in Iraq, allowing the Iraqi army to focus on external threats.


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  1. Scott B. Shepherd says:

    I hope I am leaving this in the right place. I was in the service (Navy Aircrew, P3’s) during Vietnam just before going to NCSU. I am now in Afghanistan as an Environmental Engineer (contractor) If anyone has a friend in Bagram Air Field I will be here for at least one more year. I have a little elec car I get around in and can help new people get to know the base. I also travel around the Eastern bases (not in my little elec car). I was a Bio-Agr. Engineer, completed Civil Engineering internship and moved over to Environmental 15 years ago. Am willing to work with new arrivals and people that are thinking about coming over. I bumped into a task force named after our school at Salerno, Afghanistan. Found out the Commander went to state.
    Go Wolfpack.

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