Revisiting Dick Sheridan and 1986

September 3, 2009
By Chris Richter


Dick Sheridan’s first year at NC State was an exciting one for the Wolfpack and included a memorable last-second win over South Carolina in Raleigh. Check out our story on Coach Sheridan from our September 1986 issue.


2 Responses to “Revisiting Dick Sheridan and 1986”

  1. Linda Robertson says:

    As I read this article it brought back so many memories. Memories of Furman, and all the way back to Eau Claire High School. Memories of this unique staff, devoted to doing things right, with class. Devoted to treating their players with the respect they would want theirs treated with. And most importantly, moving here and the anticipation of that first season. wondering what that would be like when no one expected anything. No one but the coaches, that is. Those 10 men that thought as one..
    What a magical time it was. Seeing the confidence of the players grow and seeing the excitement of the fans grow as that amazing first year progressed, was something I will never forget. Those golden days of those seven years. Every player and coach during those golden days knows that everyone should be that lucky. But then, it wasn’t really luck, was it?

  2. Chris Richter says:

    Thanks for writing, Linda. I grew up near Greenville, and I remember those powerful Furman teams and know that Coach Sheridan laid the foundation for the 1988 national championship team. He’s an excellent coach, and I’m glad he was able to help Coastal Carolina get its football program started.

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