What are Your Family Ties to NC State?

August 24, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

On Aug. 18 nearly 700 first-year students and their family members attended the Alumni Association’s 13th annual Legacy Luncheon. This morning NC State’s Web communications team posted video from the event, which featured the NC State Marching Band and a pinning ceremony to celebrate multi-generational ties to the university. Chancellor Jim Woodward said that he met a couple at the event who has 12 relatives who attended NC State and whose great-grandson began school here this semester:

“It is heart warming,” Woodward said. “You know they had a wonderful experience at the institution, and you know they encouraged their kids, and their kid’s kids, and their kid’s kid’s kids in this case.”

Are you a legacy, too? Did you grandparents attend NC State? How many of your relatives have attended the school? What are some of the traditions they passed on to you? What are the stories they told you about their time at NC State? Did their experience influence you to come to NC State? Tell us about your family ties to NC State by leaving a comment or posting a response on our Facebook page.


One Response to “What are Your Family Ties to NC State?”

  1. Facebook User says:

    My uncle is a State grad. My older cousin is a State grad. I became a proud State grad two years ago and now my younger sister is graduating this upcoming year!

    All of this coined my online username “ncsulilwolf” as I was lovingly referred to as “Little Wolf” for all of 2002 and 2003 during the excitement of my acceptance at NCSU.

    Go Pack!

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