Effort to Restore Color Wall in the Spotlight

August 10, 2009
By Chris Richter


The News & Observer had a nice story this morning on the effort by Karl Larson and others to repair the Color Wall in D.H. Hill Library. The article provided some historical background on the installation and its designer, Joe Cox:

Back in 1972, Chancellor John T. Caldwell commissioned Cox, a longtime professor at the School of Design, to create the sculpture to celebrate the opening of the new library tower. The idea was to make a piece of art that would be an integral part of the tower structure and viewable by pedestrians along Hillsborough Street.

Cox, whose teaching emphasized mixing colors, designed the wall to manipulate light in ways that were not just beautiful but that underlined the university’s strength in science, engineering and technology. His complex, handwritten plans for the sculpture look more like the creation of a physicist than an artist, with all the calculations for the angles of the lights, the angles and placements of the vanes and the sequences in which the lights would switch on and off, Larson said.

You can read our posts about the wall here and here. Visit thecolorwall.org to donate.


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