NC State on CNN, in Wine Spectator

August 7, 2009
By Chris Richter

Today, we were pointed to two neat articles in the press that feature NC State experts and make for good Friday afternoon reading. . .

The first, from CNN, is about an expected battle in Congress over buying American when purchasing uniforms for the military. Producers visited the College of Textiles, where materials were tested, and talked with Roger Barker, a professor who studies the thermal protective performance of fabrics and clothing. If they ever put up the video from the piece, we’ll post it.

And from Wine Spectator, an article on the effort at NC State to decode the brettanomyces genome.

Brettanomyces, aka brett, can be a winemaker’s worst enemy. A yeast species that contaminates wine and corrupts the entire fermentation process, brettanomyces can lead to flavors best described as sweaty horse, manure, Band-Aid and burnt plastic. At lower levels, some find it pleasantly spicy, with cedar and earth undertones. But higher concentrations ruin a wine completely.


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