Carter-Finley Field Renovations Complete

August 6, 2009
By Chris Richter


Yesterday, GoPack‘s Tim Peeler ’87 posted the above photo and a story about the completion of the field renovations at Carter-Finley Stadium. The middle of the playing surface was about 24 inches higher than the sidelines and end zones, which helped with drainage. You can see what it looked like from field level here. Now, as Tim writes, the surface is “pool-table flat.”

Head coach Tom O’Brien, who has lobbied for a new, flat field ever since he watched tailback Jamelle Eugene slip on a mushy spot on the field during the 2007 season, is happy with the outcome and efficiency of the renovation.

“I was able to watch every phase of the installation of the field, since I could see it right out of the window in my office,” O’Brien said. “It is exactly what we have been looking for, a flat playing surface that is like what we practice on every day.”

(Photograph courtesy of NC State Athletics)


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