What does Roman Gabriel have to do with SAS?

August 3, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) has a feature on Jim Goodnight ’65, ’68 MS, ’72 PHD, co-founder of SAS, which the publication calls “the most successful software company most people have never heard of.” The article looks into how SAS operates and provides some insights into Goodnight, including how he ended up a student at NC State:

As Goodnight tells it, “a wonderful chemistry teacher” in high school stimulated his interest in science. He decided to attend North Carolina State University after being persuaded by his pal, Roman Gabriel ’63, the future pro football star.

We, the NC State alumni magazine, did a cover story on the Goodnights in Fall 2003. The N&O also named him and his wife, Ann ’68, its 2006 Tar Heels of the Year.


One Response to “What does Roman Gabriel have to do with SAS?”

  1. jim jett says:

    it is a pleasure to learn about jim goodnight’s success.

    as a 1962 graduate of new hanover high school in wilmington and former teacher, i’m interested to learn the name of the nhhs chemistry teacher he mentions as being influential in motivating him toward his chosen path.

    can you tell me who that teacher was or direct me to appropriate info to answer my question?

    thank you.

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