The Bain Project Receives Indie Arts Award

July 30, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

The Bain Project posterCongratulations to the folks behind The Bain Project, which received one of Independent Weekly’s Indie Arts Award and was featured in the newspaper this week.  Daniel Kelly ’03 and Tracy Spencer ’04 organized the project, an exhibit that brought together the work of 12 artists (many NC State alumni) who worked collaboratively for 9 months to build the site-specific art show in the abandoned E.B. Bain Water Treatment Plan.

What made The Bain Project so marvelous wasn’t the building itself, as cool as it is, or what any single person did in it, or even two or three. It was that a dozen artists assembled by Kelly and Spencer, working as a team and subordinating their specific efforts to a shared expression, were able to bring the building to life—”to activate it,” as they often said as they puzzled over how to do it—in ways that were completely authentic and utterly imagined.

Go to our posting in May on The Bain Project to find interviews with Kelly and to get the complete back-story on the show.

(Image courtesy of NC State College of Design)


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