On the Air with WKNC

July 15, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

WKNC LogoWUNC’s The State of Things featured WKNC 88.1, NC State’s student radio station, yesterday as part of its week-long series on North Carolina’s music scene. WKNC — “The Revolution” — “offers the kind of eclectic mix and local flavor that rivals anything you can find on Pandora, internet radio or even your best iPod shuffle,” The State of Things claims.

Check out the broadcast, listen to WKNC and read our story on the history of WKNC in NC State’s Winter 2007 issue:

“WKNC is always playing something different, and I never get bored,” says Christine DiPietro, a junior who likes punk, folk and alternative rock.

This breadth wasn’t what Harrison Wroton ’46 had in mind during the 1943-44 school year when, in his Watauga Hall room, he started WOLF, the station that became WKNC. “I didn’t do it because somebody asked me to or because there was any demonstrated need,” he says. “It was just part of being a college student and wanting to experiment with things.”

That experiment has become one of the few outlets for Triangle radio listeners to hear new and local music and performers who don’t get commercial airplay. ”[Commercial radio in the Triangle] is some of the worst I’ve heard anywhere,” says The News & Observer’s music critic David Menconi. “If you are a rock listener here, and you care about anything more recent than 1978, you are pretty much [out of luck]. If not for the college stations. . . I would never listen to the radio here.”

(Image courtesy of NC State Student Media)


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