Notes from the Board of Trustees’ Meeting

July 15, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

Some highlights from yesterday’s NC State Board of Trustees’ meeting:

  • The board elected S. Lawrence Davenport ’65 as chair, Cassius S. Williams ’69 as first vice chair, Barbara H. Mulkey ’77, ’84 mse  as second vice chair and Steve F. Warren ’68 as secretary. Read their bios.
  • Exiting chair Bob Jordan ’54 announced a 19-person search committee for a chancellor and announced that a private search firm will help in the process. Jordan will serve as chair of the committee.
  • Chancellor in the interim Jim Woodward announced the areas he would focus on during his time at NC State: growing research opportunities, the new chancellor’s residence, a new student union, and the university’s fund-raising structure.
  • The new board chair, S. Lawrence Davenport ’65, announced that a five-person ad hoc committee composed of trustees  will review the events that led to the resignations of Chancellor James L. Oblinger, Provost Larry Nielsen and board Chair McQueen Campbell ’93. Cassius S. Williams will serve as chair of the committee. Other members are Gayle S. Lanier ’82, Norris Tolson ’62, Jim Owens ’68, ’70 MT, ’73 PHD and Ben Jenkins ’68.

During the meeting, Davenport said this about the ad hoc committee:

“Our first action together [with the new board and officers] is to appoint an ad hoc committee to review the events of the last 9-12 months. . . . This is not an attempt to find fault or blame anyone but simply a chance to discuss and advise Chancellor Woodward on our policies and procedures in an effort to pinpoint where they failed.  This committee will be coming to our full board with recommendations for changes in our process.”

After the meeting, Davenport told the N&O:

“We’ve got too much going on here and too much at stake to be as laid back as we have in the past. We’re going to look back and see what went wrong and we’re going to try to, no we ARE going to fix it.”


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