IT Firm “Unable to Recover” Oblinger’s Missing E-mails

July 10, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

NC State’s lawyers released today more documents related to the hiring of Mary Easley to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They also handed over a report from Risk Management Associates (RMA) indicating that the IT forensics firm “was unable to recover any additional e-mails or documents”  from an e-mail account belonging to former Chancellor James L. Oblinger. The lawyers had reported on June 24 that e-mails sent from and received by one of Oblinger’s e-mail accounts between January 2005 and June 11, 2005, had been deleted.

[RMA] said that the desk top computer used by Oblinger in that time period had been “scrubbed” of all data and reissued to someone else. A laptop used by Oblinger then was also located but contained no information.

RMA concluded that “any deletions from this account of emails or documents for this time period occurred prior to September 3, 2005.” The firm also said it was impossible to know who deleted the e-mails.


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