Mary Easley to Appeal Termination

June 30, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

In a letter sent to NC State written by her attorney, Mary Easley indicated that she is “appealing her dismissal both with respect to the termination of her contract and with respect to any severance, notice or hearing which she may be due under NCSU’s policies, regulations and rules.”

Jim Woodward, NC State’s chancellor in the interim, released a statement in response:

As we reviewed our options for meeting the substantial budget reductions for this year, next year and the foreseeable future, it became clear to us that addressing such a severe loss of funding would require some elimination of programs.  Programs that Mrs. Easley was hired to administer or participate in are among those that are being eliminated or reduced – specifically the Center for Public Safety Leadership and the Millennium Seminar Series.  With this substantial loss of job responsibilities and on the advice of the NC State Board of Trustees, I terminated Mrs. Easley’s contract.  Mrs. Easley may, of course, pursue whatever grievance process or legal action she now deems appropriate.

Update: Drew Nelson, NC State’s assistant general counsel, sent a letter dated July 2 to Mary Easley’s attorney that outlines the appeal process.


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