Brickyard Designer Starts Blogging

June 26, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

brickyard1Yep, that’s the Brickyard (in 1967). And, it’s the design of Dick Bell ’50, who is considered one of the pioneers in landscape architecture in North Carolina. A member of the first graduating class of the College of Design, he designed some of Raleigh’s most recognizable landmarks, including Pullen Park, and his projects include the master plans of NC State’s North Campus and the campuses of Appalachian State and Fayetteville State universities. And now, though retired in Atlantic Beach, he’s started a blog: “Pebbles in the Pond.” He’s been posting for not even a week, but his blog is already packed with NC State references and trivia:

Landscape architecture in this state began in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, at North Carolina State College as course work.

He also offers up “Lessons Learned From 50 Years In The Service Of Landscape Architecture,” taken from a lecture he delivered at NC State in 2006. Here’s the first lesson:

Lesson 1: Be passionate about your beliefs! But listen to others all the time. They have experiences you don’t have yet. . . .

(Photograph courtesy of Special Collections)


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  1. Kim Weiss says:

    Thanks so much for noting the new blog! Just one correction: Dick Bell is not retired. In fact, he’s currently working on three projects — commercial and residential. And one of those just might end up as another one of his “landmarks” to the profession. At age 80, this dynamo is still going strong!

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