NC State Releases New Documents Related to Easley Hiring

June 24, 2009
By Chris Richter

Lawyers for NC State today gave to the U.S. Attorney’s Office additional documents related to the hiring of Mary Easley. In an accompanying letter, Stephen Smith of McMillan Smith and Plyler says that e-mails sent from and received by an e-mail account belonging to former Chancellor James L. Oblinger between January 2005 and June 11, 2005, had been deleted. NC State IT staff were instructed to “do everything possible to reconstruct” the documents.

In this process a substantial number of e-mails were recovered and they are included in documents produced today. However periods of time remain between January and June, 2005 for which thus far we have been unable to recover records from this account. We have retained the services of an IT forensic expert who is presently working to take all possible steps to recover these documents. We will produce to the grand jury all responsive documents recovered and we will make all others available as public records.


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