Update on the Mt. Denali Climb

June 18, 2009
By magintern

A while back, we posted about Jonathan Kuniholm ’02, ’03 MID, MS, who was planning to climb Mt. Denali, North America’s highest mountain, with three other disabled veterans. Earlier this week, he had to abandon the climb after reaching just over 16,000 feet because of his potential to develop high altitude pulmonary edema.

“While I’m obviously pretty disappointed not to still be there trying for the summit, I’m very proud of what the team has (and will have) accomplished. I view this as just the beginning steps in trying to deal with our respective challenges, and think that there is a lot that we can learn to make these (and the most basic of) tasks easier for others.”

Kuniholm lost his right arm to a roadside bomb in Iraq and helped to make the arm he used on this trip. “I’d like to try to centralize on Open Prosthetics what I’ve learned about climbing with a prosthetic arm and the solutions and equipment that make it possible,” he writes on his blog.


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