Great Alaska Find in Reynolds Coliseum

June 17, 2009
By magintern


The newest find from the Reynolds basement is a framed poster of Mt. McKinley signed by the coaches who won the first nine Great Alaska Shootout basketball tournaments. Tim Peeler ’87, who’s going through the building’s basement this summer, found the treasure covered in dust behind a set of shelves. The signatures are from Norm Sloan ’51, Dean Smith, Joe B. Hall, Denny Crum, Tom Davis, Gene Bartow, Bobby Paschal and Jim Valvano. The poster had been made for the 10th anniversary of the Great Alaska Shootout.

Tuesday, while rifling through and re-filing several boxes of papers from Valvano’s desk, I came across a letter from former Alaska-Anchorage athletics director Ron Petro, requesting that Valvano join the other seven coaches who had won the event in personally autographing a commemorative poster.

“I believe it will have tremendous appeal to spectators and basketball enthusiasts,” Petro wrote.

Attached to it was a copy of Valvano’s response.

“A great idea! Enclosed you will find my signed permission form. If some of the other coaches won’t sign their name, let’s forge it. Let’s face it – we are still Italian.”

I do miss Valvano’s unmatched sense of humor.

(Photograph courtesy of NC State Athletics)


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  1. James Buchanan says:

    I have one that was given to me when I left Alaska in 1987. Mine is number 25. Do you have any idea of what they are worth?

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