Former Chancellor Appears Today Before Federal Grand Jury

June 17, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

Former NC State Chancellor James L. Oblinger is scheduled to appear before a federal grand jury today. In May he was subpoenaed to turn over all documents related to the hiring of Mary Easley.

“The chancellor is going, as he has said all along, to cooperate in every way with this investigation. When he was still chancellor, he directed everyone at NC State to do the same thing,” Oblinger’s lawyer, Press Millen, told WRAL-TV. “He is going there. . .  with the intention of answering all of the questions of the grand jury.”

Today’s N&O has a detailed summary of the events and reactions leading up to Oblinger’s resignation on June 8, when the NC State Board of Trustees also terminated Easley’s contract:

From the moment Mary Easley’s big raise was made public last summer, NC State University’s chancellor and provost came under blistering attack, with many parents, students and others sending letters and e-mail messages questioning how they could have made such a deal.

Update: According to The N&O, Oblinger left the courthouse at about 12:15 p.m. and answered all of the grand jury’s questions.


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