A Monster on Hillsborough Street?

June 4, 2009
By Cherry Crayton

Barrel MonsterYes, at least for a day, this “Barrel Monster” really did stand on Hillsborough Street, which is undergoing renovations, near NC State’s Caldwell Hall. It’s the work of U Live and Burn, an NC State student and graffiti artist who spoke to Technician on the condition his real name was not printed.

He has done everything from climb a cable to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night to hop freight trains in Apex, armed with nothing but an old Nikon and some climbing equipment. . . .

Recently, he drew the captivation of summer campus-dwellers [at NC State] and the ire of law enforcement after he “borrowed” several traffic barrels from the construction area on Hillsborough Street and put them together to create an angry orange barrel man that directs traffic with a severely pointed finger.

“I kidnapped a couple of barrels — a few at a time because they’re really big — brought them back to my place, laid them out in my living room,” U Live and Burn said. “My roommate was sitting there shaking his head at me because he knows I’m an idiot. . . . ”

As expected, the Barrel Monster has now also fallen prey to Raleigh law enforcement.

(Photograph courtesy of NC State Student Media)


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